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2022 | Avi Pitshon Country

Loose, free, unexpected: I wish every queer exhibition looked like this

In an excellent exhibition, the Bush Collective declares that the laws of physics themselves are queer. The result is an exciting exhibition in which there is not a single bad work

הקלה בלהט, אלינה יקירביץ׳, נייר קופי על תצלום פילם, מפותח על נייר ארכיון, 14 על 20 ס״מ, 20

2019 | Tammy from Mistlove in the evening

Breaking walls: the creators of the collective "The Bush" open a new exhibition

The collective, which works with the aim of promoting and creating a platform for queer feminist art, presents an exhibition/party/lots of new events where "everyone will feel safe to be who they are"


2020 | Rotem Piper la coulter

An interview with

Bush Collective

I was looking for a shot of activism and I thought it was a great time to interview the "Bush" collective, which includes 7 activist, creative and talented women.

In my opinion, this is a group that is important to know and therefore, in the spirit of the times. We talked about dreams, ambitions, freedom, art and identity.

צילום מסך 2022-08-16 ב-12.30.59.png

2019 | Avi Pitshon Country

What makes a group exhibition much more attractive than just a group exhibition?

In the "Interchange" exhibition by the Bosch Collective there are a number of elements that were supposed to annoy the visitor. Instead, he was quite enthusiastic

צילום מסך 2022-08-16 ב-12.45.12.png
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