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Prototype of a fantastic identification space for lesbians from the periphery


As a young lesbian growing up in the small town of Afula, I struggled to understand how lesbians live their lives. There was a lack of representation of characters that look, think and fantasize like me. Based on that, I embarked upon a utopian artistic project, exploring what would have happened if lesbians had dominated culture.


The project also takes on the shape of a performance piece touring Israel. You’re invited to follow, and show up to be a part of my heart. | co_shaked


Written and directed by Shaked Cohen

Recorded and edited by Nadav Yanai

Actors: Shaked Cohen and Reut Buhbot

Theme music: Shani Bar

Illustration: Shahar Sultan

Artistic adviser: Maayan Shalem

Shaked Cohen lives in Afula, where she works as an artist and middle school teacher. Cohen, a poet and multidisciplinary artist, is a member of the founding group of the Tarbut Movement for art and education, and a graduate student at the Teacher-Artist Path at Oranim College.

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