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“How long is forever?” Alice asked.

“Sometimes, just one second,” replied the Rabbit and rushed on its way.


Time moves differently for each of us. In the spaces between our personal experiences, a new dimension is born where the laws of physics change and conceptual boundaries become flexible and adaptable. It’s like going back to where we lived years ago, or returning to a club that had been like a home in our youth — all of sudden, the movement of time is no longer linear, the evolution of consciousness is discernible, changing along the way what appears to be constant and universal. Time Space borrows from and interacts with spacetime in the world of physics – where time and space meet, where the boundaries delineating them become fluid and the set of acceptable possibilities expands.

Our journey with Time Space started from a sense of disorientation during the time of the pandemic: In what ways did the restrictions imposed on the space create time loops in the individual experience? Has it really been three years since March of 2019? How have transformations in the public space’s accessibility influenced our sense of security?

What is left of our identity in the lack of a public space or the performative aspects of life? And how do the axis of time and our history change and transform the boundaries of our present?

This issue is an examination of the ways in which time and spacetime shape our life and influence it — the intertwined role of queer politics in expanding the limits of logic, and the queer essence of time travel. We have gathered creators, writers, activists and artists who set on a personal quest to research the interaction between our identities and everyday lives and the spacetime we live and operate within.

The issue before you is launched alongside the Bush Collective’s exhibition that follows the same theme. The transition between the physical and virtual spaces is in itself a play with spacetime, pushing the exhibition beyond the walls of the gallery. We invite you to continue the journey in the physical world at the Edmond de Rothschild Center in Tel Aviv (The exhibition opens on June 6 and closes on July 26). This issue also includes a special segment, featuring fresh points of view of the works displayed at the exhibition, as well as a behind-the-scenes peek into the artists’ creative processes.


Yours through time and space,


Editor-in-chief: Chen Amram

Curation and production: Noga Or Yam

Production: Hile Razon

Website building and design: Faina Feigin

Website building and management: Shir Hakim

Editor and PR director: Tamar Talmon

Editor: Yael Schechner 

Collective members: Michal Shomer, Shir Newman


English translation: Amit Meyer

Arabic translator: Afnan Khalaily


This magazine was produced with the support of the Edmond de Rothschild Center.

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Time Space - The Edmond de Rothschild Center





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