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Hila Lulu Lin Farah Kufer Birim


Hila Lulu Lin Farah Kufer Birim

A multi-sensory, multi-disciplinary artist engaged in developing a language that allows visibility and contact in bodily spaces - both private/independent/internal and within gender, social, and political contexts - moving from life into art and back. Searching day and night to expose and eradicate stubborn ailments and tough questions, and to awaken and shed light on memories that have long been lost in hibernation.

Concurrently, operates in the academic field as an active professor, bequeathing the possibility to pursue various paths in the art world.

Lives, works, and strives to keep breathing in south Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

1. Text from the book Independent_Collection_021, hilalulilinfarahkuferbir`im, 2022

2. Sound works from the project Mole, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2004

Voices: Tami Horowitz, Fatina Aqel, Orit Revivo, Hila Luli Lin Farah Kufer Bir’im

Sound processing: Karni Postel and Dudush Kalmas

3. Hebrew Blood, Video, 2000, 03:16 minutes (loop)

Photography: Nili Atslan

Editing: Ze’evik Gordetski

4. The_last_sea, video, 2021, 00:41 seconds (loop)

Photography: Hila Luli Lin Farah Kufer Bir'im

Editing: Nitai Shalem


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