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For a Moment We Were | Holeket ~ Uri Karin


This section invites artists to share their visual perspective on each issue's main topic



Photography: Hanan Offner

Holeket ~ Uri Karin

Poet, performance and drag artist (Shohsana Benhahohim). Alumnus of the College of Literary Arts, currently teaching performance there. Author of Nesikhat Bitahon, published in 2019 by Poetry Place. The “we” songs in this section are from her second book, which will be published soon.


Main Photography: Hanan Offner

In Bloom

Oh Snap! Haifa

Passover 2018

Photography: Michael Rozanov, Yasmin M. Katz

Editing: Michael and Uri

Ma Yafita Ha’aviv

Rubin Choir – Haifa

Lyrics: Unknown

Hebrew text: Yosef Ahai

Music: Johann Abraham Peter Schulz

In Bloom


Music and lyrics: Kurt Cobain

Yes Just Not Here

May 2020

Created for Rollo – the Rolling Art Project

The full series, “Srita”:

Ito Lanetzah / Lihi Attar

Music and lyrics: Noam Rotem and Ohad Koski

Censorship graphics: Leon Bohr

Eye In The Sky – Strange Fruit

April 2020

“A Breath Away” – Live COVID lockdown special

Direction, performance: Holeket ~ Uri Karin

Photography: Leon Bohr

Art and editing: Holeket, Leon Bohr

Artistic consultant: Michael (Mysh) Rozanov


Queeryka #2, poetry reading at the Jerusalem Open House

Photography: Danielle Parsay Together we win ______

“IndepenDammit – Red Flag,” Strange Fruit

May 1, 2020

Video and stills photography, editing: Hanan Offner

Siri recording: Dor Davidovitch


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