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Negative | Shir Newman


This section invites artists to share their visual perspective on each issue's main topic


Negative | Shir Newman

Post-traumatic memory is characterized by a non-linear narrative. In an attempt to restore moments in her personal narrative, Newman holds on to these analog photographs as anchors in a family history of an intergenerational line of photographers. The absence of a familiar space is tied to that hereditary post-traumatic memory, passed down as the very art of photography, handed over from one generation to the next.


Shir Newman

Founding member of the BUSH collective, director, and photographer. Her documentary films were featured in festivals in Israel and abroad. Newman has a B.Ed. F.A. in film studies and education from Kibbutzim College. She serves as the director for art and culture in the Neve Sha’anan neighborhood for the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality. Her responsibilities include artistic direction at the Pumphouse Gallery and the development of residency programs

and artistic content at Hagra community center.


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